Cashew it's not just new payment solution.
It's the next generation of digital payments!

Cashew is a SaaS platform for C2B payments that allows to pay for goods and services via banks’ mobile App

Facial Recognition Technology

Blockchain technology provides security and immutability
of payment transactions

What problem do we solve for businesses and services?
C2B payment methods are: expensive, slow, not transparent
• Costs for collection of cash money proceeds
• Bank transfers are inconvenient
• High commission to intermediaries

We create a new way national currencies work in retail payments

with commission for merchants of 0.5%

Mobile payments via Cashew become a common payment method
Reduce transaction costs
Additional services - loyalty programs, regular payments, installment payments

Subscription plans

We provide banks and merchants with access to the platform via a subscription model.

Fee depends on the volume of transactions.

Additional services for merchants: solution for loyalty programs, regular payments, installment payments.

*Enjoy free subscription for Cashew service until June 2019.

Welcome Merchants and Banks!

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Ina Samovich,
Timur Kornienko,
Alexandr Ermakovich,
Viktar Suzdaltsau,
Vladimir Serzhanovich,
Alexey Dubrov,
Software Architect

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Ina Samovich, CEO

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Alexandr Ermakovich, CPO

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