Cashew is a payment initiation service provider

Allows banks to turn their mobile applications into a means of payment with Point-of-Sale financing functionality

  • Relevant offers in store
  • Direct payment from multiple accounts
  • Point-of-Sale financing
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What problem do we solve for businesses and services? PoS Financing stimulates purchases, helps merchants to increase their sales and allows banks to be near their clients exactly at the moment of payment to make relevant lending offers

Cashew is an omnichannel payment option

with commission for merchants of 0.5%

Payments via mobile banking application become a common payment method

Reduce transaction costs

Additional services - loyalty programs, regular payments, installment payments

Subscription plans

We provide banks and merchants with access to the platform via a subscription model.

Fee depends on the volume of transactions.

Additional services for merchants:

  • Solution for loyalty programs,
  • Regular payments,
  • Installment payments.

*Enjoy free subscription for Cashew service.